New Sermon: Our Misguided Search for Significance


Everyone wants to be happy, but no one seems to know how to find happiness. Typically, we believe if we could just change one thing about our circumstances, then we would finally be content. If we could get a new or better job, income, degree, relationship, house, etc., then we could rest.

However, most of us are starting to realize that the things we thought would make us happy won’t in the end. So what hope do we have? Do we just give up the idea that we’ll ever find satisfaction in this life?

In Sunday’s sermon at City of God, we were reminded that one of our greatest temptations is to look for happiness everywhere other than the place we can actually find it. What does it look like to step into a relationship with God and discover the life we were made to live? Check out more from “Our Misguided Search for Happiness” here.

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