New Sermon: The Gift of Singleness

For some, it sounds odd to refer to the “gift” of singleness, and the church has not always handled this topic well. All too often, we make people feel like there is something deficient with them until they find a spouse. However, this is not the approach Paul takes to singleness in 1 Corinthians 7. In fact, he argues that there are several reasons he prefers being single. Paul’s singleness gave him the opportunity to give his undivided attention to the Lord, and to pursue God’s call on his life without any constraints.

Whether you’re single and desire to be married at some point or you think God might be calling you to lifelong singleness by his grace, you can experience all of the joy and happiness that God has for you in this life right now. How do we do that, and what does it look like for all of us (married or single) to live with God as our highest priority? Check out “The Gift of Singleness” below:


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