On the Incarnation Reading Group

You can sign up for the reading group here.

The incarnation is one of the greatest miracles of the Christian faith. Every year at Christmas, Christians set aside time to celebrate the profound truth that, through the birth of Jesus, God became a man.

But what does that really mean? In the fourth century, Saint Athanasius wrote one of the most definitive and influential works on this topic. “On the Incarnation” is widely hailed as one of the most important works in Christian theology. Few resources, if any, have been as influential on Christians’ understanding of the incarnation.

With that in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to set aside some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to reflect on the deep truth and beauty of the birth of Jesus. That is why we’re creating an informal reading group to work through “On the Incarnation” together. This is a relatively short book, and by signing up you are only committing to 10-15 pages of reading per week.

Every week, for four weeks, those who sign up will receive:

  • A reading schedule
  • A devotional article and suggested Bible readings to supplement that week’s reading
  • A link to a podcast where questions about that week’s reading will be answered

If there is enough interest, we could also create a Facebook group so those in the reading group could interact with one another.

If you’re interested in reading through “On the Incarnation” with us, there’s only a few things to do:

  • You can sign up for the reading group here.
  • You can purchase “On the Incarnation” here.

Again, by signing up you are simply signing up to receive a weekly email for four weeks with what you need to read and resources to supplement your reading. We’d love to have you come on this journey with us.

Reading Schedule
The page numbers are for the SVS Press version of On the Incarnation

  • Week 1 (11/30-12/6) – Pages 49-60 (Prologue & The Divine Dilemma Regarding Life and Death)
  • Week 2 (12/7-12/13) Pages 60-70 (The Divine Dilemma Regarding Knowledge and Ignorance)
  • Week 3 (12/14-12/20) – Pages 70-84 (The Death of Christ and the Resurrection of the Body)
  • Week 4 (12/21-12/27) – Pages 84-109 (Refutation of the Jews & Refutation of the Gentiles)

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