When God Begins to Move

City of God, We are currently in a very exciting season at our church. Recently, we've had more people worshiping with us than ever, and it seems as if there is an increased sensitivity to the work of God in the lives of our people. Our pastors are regularly hearing stories of how God is [...]

New Sermon: Fighting Busyness

Most people today struggle with feeling too busy all the time. Is this just a necessary evil of life on this earth, or is it actually far more damaging than we realize? In "Fighting Busyness" Pastor Eric shows us how constant hurry can take our eyes off of loving Jesus and loving others. How can [...]

New Sermon: An Unhurried Heart

In Matthew 11, Jesus promises if we come to him then he will give us rest. However, there are plenty of people who have professed faith in Christ and would readily admit that they aren't experiencing anything like rest. Rather, they're stressed out, busy, overworked, and anxious. Why is there such a disconnect between what [...]

New Sermon: What Sort of People?

Ways to Listen: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Soundcloud City of God Website YouTube It's a lot harder to make changes to your life without a goal in mind. If we know the destination we're headed toward, it's easier to decide what specific steps we need to take to keep moving forward.   The Bible not [...]