New Sermon: Fighting Busyness

Most people today struggle with feeling too busy all the time. Is this just a necessary evil of life on this earth, or is it actually far more damaging than we realize? In “Fighting Busyness” Pastor Eric shows us how constant hurry can take our eyes off of loving Jesus and loving others. How canContinue reading “New Sermon: Fighting Busyness”

New Sermon: An Unhurried Heart

In Matthew 11, Jesus promises if we come to him then he will give us rest. However, there are plenty of people who have professed faith in Christ and would readily admit that they aren’t experiencing anything like rest. Rather, they’re stressed out, busy, overworked, and anxious. Why is there such a disconnect between whatContinue reading “New Sermon: An Unhurried Heart”

New Sermon: What Sort of People?

Ways to Listen: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Soundcloud City of God Website YouTube It’s a lot harder to make changes to your life without a goal in mind. If we know the destination we’re headed toward, it’s easier to decide what specific steps we need to take to keep moving forward.   The Bible notContinue reading “New Sermon: What Sort of People?”

Introducing Eric Roseberry Audio

Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce the launch of a new podcast feed: Eric Roseberry Audio. Not only will this contain my weekly sermons from City of God Church, but it will also include plenty of other content designed to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. You’ll find post-sermon discussions, Q&A sessions, roundContinue reading “Introducing Eric Roseberry Audio”

New Sermon: Our Misguided Search for Significance

Everyone wants to be happy, but no one seems to know how to find happiness. Typically, we believe if we could just change one thing about our circumstances, then we would finally be content. If we could get a new or better job, income, degree, relationship, house, etc., then we could rest. However, most ofContinue reading “New Sermon: Our Misguided Search for Significance”

Does Inerrancy Make Us Uncritical?

This week I began reading Stephen Neil and Tom Wright’s book The Interpretation of the New Testament: 1861-1986 (yes I know how exciting that sounds). They describe the situation in early critical scholarship of the Bible as follows. In Germany new critical tools were beginning to be used to assess history. Slowly those critical toolsContinue reading “Does Inerrancy Make Us Uncritical?”

Edwards and the Need for Self-Assessment

On a recent trip to Orland I had the opportunity to begin McClymond and McDermott’s massive work entitled “The Theology of Jonathan Edwards.” Before looking at some of the major emphases of his theology they spend the introductory chapters describing his historical, intellectual, and spiritual background. In the chapter dealing with the spirituality of Edwards theyContinue reading “Edwards and the Need for Self-Assessment”

A Heart Like Epaphras

This Sunday, we’re starting a new series at City of God Church working through the book of Colossians. I’m always excited at the start of a new series. Without fail, God always (sometimes unexpectedly) teaches me so many things as I slowly make my way through His word. One of those unexpected things I discoveredContinue reading “A Heart Like Epaphras”