New Sermon: Our Refuge & Strength

Where can we turn when it feels like the world is spiraling out of control? In my latest sermon, "Our Refuge & Strength," we looked at how Psalm 46 answers this question. Even when the storms of life rage around us, we can find safety, security, and strength in our relationship with God. iTunesiTunes VideoYouTubeGoogle [...]

New Sermon: Overcoming Idolatry

What gives you security in your relationship with Christ? Often, we think our relationship with God is solid if we are doing enough things for him. However, it's possible to participate in a lot of religious activity without ever actually loving Jesus. How can we guard against loving other things more than God, and ultimately, [...]

When God Begins to Move

City of God, We are currently in a very exciting season at our church. Recently, we've had more people worshiping with us than ever, and it seems as if there is an increased sensitivity to the work of God in the lives of our people. Our pastors are regularly hearing stories of how God is [...]